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We will get back to you with current position of the design, quality and all other commercial details

If available the stock can be shipped in 2 to 3 days


In case the design you have selected is out of stock then we can make the same design. The pricing and delivery dates for fresh order will vary and will be advised at the time of enquiry


Apart from our designs, if you have some design of your own to be developed we can make the same. All you have to do is give us complete details pertaining to your enquiry or send the swatch you want to develop and we will get back to you with all the details as to quality, pricing, width and delivery of same


We are totally committed to delivering all of our products with Superior Customer Service. We deliver the products customer the deadline. Experienced Shipping agents are with us to support our customer. We will give all details about the shipment through mail before dispatching If you are not happy for any reason you can mail us your suggestions and we will get back with a feedback at the earliest possible